Now a days green car are most popular due to there environment friendly functions. These hybrid cars are fuel efficient but they also does not underestimate the value of luxury or sexy lookup of a car. Here is list of the top 10 green cars.

This car has not been released yet but it will be available in this 2010. This is top pick for the list of top 10 green cars as it promises to give 230 miles per Gallon in the city driving conditions. The car is obviously run by a gas-electric hybrid engine. With its storage cells fully charged, the car can run 40 miles without the gas engine being needed to be turned on.

The car has an integrated motor assist hybrid system consisting of a 1.3 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine having 88 hp and 88 lb-ft torque, and an electric motor with 13hp more with 58 lb-ft torque. With only the electric motor running, the car can attain a top speed of 30 mph and to attain more speed, the help of the gas engine is needed. The car also has an intelligent regenerative braking system that allows the electric motor to act as a generator creating electric charge from the car’s momentum to recharge the battery while the brake is applied.

The inclusion of Prius is almost obvious with its 48 to 51 mpg mileage. Despite the problems in their brake pedals, the Toyota Prius is still the No.1 choice for many hybrid car lovers. The third generation Prius retains the same familiar look with some minute changes like a little stronger engine than the previous and a more rigid chassis with an upgraded electric assist steering.

This is another green offering from the Honda family. This small sedan is ideal for a family with a couple of children. It has a 1.3 L 4 cylinder VTEC engine with an integrated motor assist system that can produce a total power of 110 HP with a very good mileage of 45 mpg on highway. There are also some other intelligent features such as tire pressure indicator which will tell you when the car tire pressure is not right to produce the best mileage.

This is a very powerful gasoline electric hybrid having a 2.5 liter 4 cylinder gasoline engine producing 156 HP with the electric motor raising that to 191 HP. It can run in full electric mode with the air conditioner turned on. The power transmission of the vehicle is continuously variable automatic transmission which increases the efficiency of the engines to deliver a mileage of 36 to 41 mpg.

If you are looking for some luxury, Lexus is there for you, even in the hybrid car section. The Lexus HS 250h without any doubt you’ll surely feel that you are driving a luxury vehicle with almost zero cabin noise. It has every luxury feature imaginable and will get you 35 mpg mileage.

There is a common misconception that Green Hybrid Cars aren’t fun to drive than the gas only sports cars. If you try Audi A3 TDI, your belief will surely be reversed. This Car has won Green Car Journal’s Green Car of the year 2010. If you want a luxury yet fuel efficient car, you won’t get many like Audi A3 TDI.

Like Chevy Volt listed above, Nissan Leaf won’t be available until the end of this year, but this car has already created some buzz in the tech world with its claimed 100 miles travel capacity on a full charge of eight hours from your home power outlet of 220 Volts. The car can also reach a good top speed of 90 mph from its 107 HP engine. The price of the car is not yet available but we are sure that the package will include the home charger and the battery.

It is the only SUV style eco friendly vehicle in the list. It can get you a mileage of 34 mpg in the city and more on highways which makes it the most fuel efficient vehicle in the market.

The car is available in two models, one with 2.5 liter engine and another with a 3.0 liter V6 gasoline engine. The electric motor is not weak either; the electric motor alone can run the car at 47 mph which is the highest for any hybrid currently available in the market. The vehicle is also equipped with a continuously variable automatic transmission to deliver a city mileage of 41 mpg and a 36 mpg highway mileage.

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