What is VF and VFR

The VF and VFR series (VF meaning Vee-Four, and VFR meaning Vee-Four Racing) was a motorcycle made by Honda and had a V-type four cylinder engine. The bike was also the first to utilize a Sprag (one-way) clutch.

The V-Four engine was prominent in Honda's model line-up in the early 1980s and had engine capacities ranging from 400cc to 1100cc. The V-Four design had only been used a few times in the history of motorcycles, most notably by Matchless. The earliest Honda VF series engine was designated the V45 for its size (45 in³ or 748 cc) and was very narrow being only 16 inches (406 mm) wide. It had perfect primary balance giving a smooth and nearly vibration-free engine. A smaller V30 (500 cc) engine and a larger V65 (1100 cc) engine were later available with the V65 becoming known as the fastest production bike of its time and the original competition for the Yamaha VMax.

In 1982, the first year of the VF models 'first gen', reliability and quality control problems occurred due to new automated production equipment at Honda's plant in Hamamatsu, Japan .Regardless, Honda sold out its first year's inventory of Sabres and the Magnas were not far behind. 1983 saw the engine revised to correct the problems from the previous production year and the introduction of the V65 and the Interceptor. Cam-wear problems surfaced during 1984 in the larger displacement bikes, which, by the time it was corrected, led to eight factory cam revisions over the course of just one year.

The chain-driven valve train was dropped from the VFR, with the 1986 'Second Generation' VFR750, in favor of gear driven cams to help distance the VFR from the reputation of the earlier VF engine faulty cam-chain tensioners. The new system allowed the tensioner to reach maximum travel while the chain remained within service limits. As the tensioner problem faded after their redesign the 2002 and later VFR engine designs reverted to chain-driven cams.

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