The smallest Indian Car Nano

Tata Nano is a rear-engined, four-passenger city car built by Tata Motors, aimed primarily at the Indian market. It is the cheapest car in the world today. The car has a fuel efficiency of around 26 kilometers per litre on the highway and around 22 kilometers per litre in the city. The cars started to be delivered to customers after July 17, 2009, with a starting price of Rs 100,000, which is approximately equal to UK£1,360 or US$2,160 as of December 2009. This is cheaper than the Maruti 800, its main competitor and next cheapest Indian car priced at Rs 184,641 ($3,988 U.S.).Tata had sought to produce the least expensive production car in the world — aiming for a starting price of Rs 100,000 (approximately US$2,000 as of June 2009).
Engine - 2 cylinder SOHC petrol Bosch multi-point fuel injection (single injector) all aluminum 624 cc (38 cu in)

Transmission(s) 4 speed synchromesh with overdrive in 4th Wheelbase 2,230 mm (87.8 in)

Length 3,099 mm (122.0 in)

Width 1,495 mm (58.9 in)

Height 1,652 mm (65.0 in)

Kerb weight 600 kg (1,300 lb)–635 kg (1,400 lb)

After launching Tata nano many companies shows there interest & future plan for producing such small cars .Rival car makers including Bajaj Auto, Fiat, General Motors, Ford Motor, Hyundai and Toyota Motor have all expressed interest in building small cars in India that are affordable to more middle-class consumers in emerging markets. The bulk of Indian demand is for small cars because people are much more sensitive to fuel prices

Awards win by Nano
Tata Nano won the Indian Car of the Year 2010 award at Business Standard Motoring Awards 2010
Tata Nano won the 'car of the year' of Bloomberg UTV-Auto car awards
• Tata Nano won the first place in 2010 Edison Awards under transportation category

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