DDU – 1916 CC Race Bike

Dear friends before 2-3 years back 180 to 220 CC capacity engine bike suppose to be the most powerful bike in those days. Day by day Sports Bikes craze increases tremendously all over the world and looking this many company launches many Sports Bikes. There is market competition between many companies that one launch 180 CC, other launch 200 CC and third launch 250 CC.In this competition market C R and S Company launches 1916 CC two wheeler bike and change the scenario of sport bike market. The DUU will be fitted with a 1,916cc S&S X-Wedge v-twin.

Yes friends it’s really true and name of bike is DDU. This bike is having more than twice, Thrice capacity of engine than four wheeler car. C R & S Company uses its all experience and technology to develop this Amazing bike. Fantastic look and air spped of this bike launched in Nov-09 in EICMA Milano international bike show. This vehicle comes on road on 2011 year.

First company decided DDU launch in European market. The prize of this vehicle is 30 thousand dollar ( 15 Lacks INR) approximately.

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