Dear Friends if you are having the ability of creative thinking and passion to do something new in your career then you can choose Auto Design – A extraordinary career path for your life. As all of us know that Auto Industry is the second number of largest field in the world after home sector. In world automotive sector is growing very fastly and upgraded latest information, software and technology. Now this field becomes no 1 Sector in world.

Automotive design is a very prominent career field. This is a strongly market forced area of industrial design, and there are real career potentials for designers across the mechanical and other areas of design involved in vehicle production.

Auto design, being a highly commercial area of industrial design, opens up a lot of career potentials for designers, including specialization in areas with many more applications. The exposure to the commercial design environment is particularly useful in terms of networking and career associations across a range of higher level professional areas.

Auto designers are often involved in the practical applications of both technical and market design issues. Auto designs are in constant production around the world. Auto design is a very competitive area of industrial design on all levels, with direct input from major manufacturers.

Auto designers, both at the mechanical and market levels, have a built in career portfolio which gives them considerable career mobility in the auto industry and in transport generally. The skills involved in these forms of design are valuable commercial assets, and successful auto designers can be headhunted directly or simply poached by other manufacturers.

There's also considerable intellectual property in auto design. Professional auto designers, like other designers, can benefit from marketing their design ideas and concepts to auto manufacturers. A single design element or component can translate into a valuable patent. Some auto designers can also work as design consultants in their own right, independent contractors, earning commission fees which are much higher than salary based incomes.

There are lot of opportunity available for automobile designing as in this field also there is a shortage of expert designer so this field is having lot of scope, So friends you also make your career in this field.


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